Get in the loop

Looper station

This electronic device allows you to record a musical phrase and repeat it over and over. You can add multiple leyers that are going to be repeated synchronized with the first leyer. With this machine you can improvise a lot, create new arrangements or play the loop songs.

Umonde - 12 Circle Songs by Sören Sieg

Umonde means patience and it is collection of 12 pieces for recorder, percussion and looper station. These beautiful songs are inspired by Lao Tzu's Taoeteking philosophy, which is all about following the flow of energy. I love to experimetn with the loop station and enjoy this meditative music which has also something playful inside. 

The general setting involves the microphone, looper station and speaker, see this short video about my technical equipment. There are many ways how to use the looper, see my favourite ones.