I spent all 6 years of my studies at the conservatory with Jitka Konečná. It was a time of discovering the beauty of the recorder, its world and of music in general.

What I appreciate the most is her unceasing energy and drive for contact with music and for learning about music. She managed to transfer this passion onto me and I am trying to follow in her footsteps and share this enthusiasm for music with my pupils. Jitka is also able to convince each of us about our uniqueness. Her eyes are always open. She can build on our good traits and abilities and at the same time lead us to work hard on our improvement in the areas where we struggle. I felt that she put trust in me and simply believed I could do it. (translated from Czech)

Ivana Šmidrová 

I decided to study at Janáčkova konzervatoř (Janáček's Conservatory) mainly because of who was going to teach me there. I was excited by the consultations I had before my entrance exams and that is why my choice of school was easy.

During my studies, I have never doubted my decision. I appreciate the professionalism, preparedness and systematic work of my teacher Jitka Konečná during our lessons together throughout my studies. Apart from her expertise, her warm and human approach was also very important. I always felt that Jitka supported me. I believe that she rejoiced in each of my successes and she was able to stand by my side also in the more troubled moments. (translated from Czech)

Eva Mizerová

I regularly take part in DVPP courses at Evangelická konzervatoř in Olomouc together with my colleagues from my music school. These meetings are always very inspirational and bring a lot of benefits for teaching the recorder playing. We gain new information about our field, enrich our knowledge and skills, get new score sheets and last but not least we ourselves join in to create music together. The topics of the seminars are always interesting and we also have the opportunity to influence their content. Communication with the lecturers is nice - they also willingly help us with problems connected to teaching recorder playing that we encounter in our teaching practice. I would like to thank Jitka Konečná for her kind approach and for organising these seminars. (translated from Czech)

Markéta Sysalová