How to improve your recorder skills without playing the instrumnet


One of my students cannot practice playing the recorder at home properly so I gave her a few tips how to improve her skills without playing the instrument:

Singing - sing the entire composition and get to know the piece inside out as they say

Dance - try to express the music by movement, by dancing, or simply by walking rhythmically 

Fingering - it is possible to practice individual transitions and fingerings for example with a pencil to improve your coordination 

Story - describe/draw the music's story, the roles that are part of it, where it takes placeListening - listen to some inspirational recordings or watch some videos 

Reading - explore articles available about the composition or its author 

Discussion - talk about the topic with other musicians, share ideas 

Teaching - explain to someone how to learn to play the piece or watch some educational videos 

Scores - try to recreate the score sheet for the composition or create an exercise based on it 

Editions - find and compare different editions of the piece including its original notation 

Inspiration - attend a concert (online), a festival, a course or an exhibition that can bring some inspiration to you